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The Present State of Long Term Care in the U.S.

Long term care insuranceAnyone who’s looking to buy or owns a long term care policy would always want to read on the latest industry news just to keep up with what’s happening and to know if current events will have an affect on their policies. A recent report might make consumers a bit disappointed to know that the U.S. in not at the best shape right now with regards to providing long term health care www.completelongtermcare.com/ needs to its residents.


According to a report published by the Senate Special Committee on Aging titled, “Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: A Comparison of International Approaches,” the country is behind several other nations when it comes to dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease and providing care to patients with Dementia.


In the study, the U.S. was compared with other countries such as Japan, France, Australia, and the U.K. in terms of what strategies and approaches are being used and developed for elderly care especially for people with the particular neurodegenerative disease. Each of the five countries all have their own programs, but some are much further ahead than others.